I am going to build a flight booking skill for Alexa.

In the Developer Console, I create a skill named Flight Booker, use the custom model, and add the invocation name flight booker.

Then, use the JSON to set up the slot types, slots, and intents. Copy and paste it into the JSON Editor in the Developer Console. Click Save Model.

You’ll notice that some of the slot types are built-in types from Amazon: AMAZON.US_CITY and AMAZON.DATE. This might be new if you’ve only used custom slot types before.

The SEARCH_PHRASE slot type makes it easier to capture input by providing a collection of phrases that a user might use to start an utterance, like “tell”, “tell me”, “recommend”, “give”, and “give me”.

Explore the repository on GitHub and use the code (Lamda Function) in your own project and test it by pressing test button in navbar.

Another experience:

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